Denny Kondic: What have you learnt from #WOL?

Hi friends

Here’s what Denny Kondic posted on 3rd July in the Working Out Loud-group on Facebook.

In English:  WOL lives because of the experiences that people have in Circles and their personal change. What have you learnt or experienced because of WOL?

Well, Denny, when I first learnt about Working Out Loud, I was intrigued. I was listening to John Stepper’s talk at the London Learning Technologies Conference at the beginning of 2017 when my teamleader @RubenBellens whispered to me: ‘Our corporate training department should be informed about this…’ That statement triggered me in such a way I just couldn’t do anything else but start to read and research. It didn’t take a long time before I stepped into my first WOL-circle.

And    Wham! – I was completely blown away! To make a long story short, here’s my first vlog!Thank you Denny, for this question. Because of this, I realised that Working Out Loud has changed a whole lot for me. It not only improved my visibility on social media. Much more important though, it has

  • enlightened my way of connecting with colleagues at work outside of my own team,
  • opened the corporate world outside my organisation,
  • paved my road to professional peers,
  • given me new friends and a meaningful network,
  • given me back my self-esteem.

And to be really honest: it has made me believe again in the goodwill and generosity of people. Precisely at one of the most difficult moments in my life…

Grateful grtz


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