Quit social media? I don’t think so

hi everybody

Last week, in the corporate canteen, I was listening to a colleague claiming that everybody should quit social media. NOW! Even Googlepeople say this. It doesn’t bring anything. It’s all about marketing and Big Brother watching us. No privacy etc. etc. Lots of colleagues agreed. I preferred not to say anything, but think first…

Because I know this point of view lives a vivid life. And I try to choose my battles.  This is not my battle: Social tech is here to stay, so…
But anyway, it’s an intriguing discussion, because lots of people feel this aversion towards social media . And it’s true, we have to think about this Big Brother-effect and be cautious when posting things on the internet. As far as competition and sales vultures are considered, let’s not be naive. We definitely are victims of the capitalistic system, all these companies and persons looking for their only goal in life: the other’s wallet.

But… I don’t agree. I really don’t.

  1. Because we have learnt to post things, like pictures and messages, but we have never learnt to use social tech in a proper and professional way. In our education, we have learnt to be cautious, to distrust change and in this fast-changing  world we are  anxious. It’s human and understandable, but it’s not the world we’re living in right now. We will have to learn to deal with social media professionally in this connected world.
  2. Social tech has brought me so much during the last year, really. I again realised this when meeting my WOL-circle colleagues at Frederik’s home yesterday. We had a terrific time, Geert talking about the release of his book  November 22,  Sven introducing us to a management game,…

    Let’s take this article for a start and then share my thoughts. Feel free to start a discussion with me. You know I’m always looking forward to a professional exchange of ideas.

10 Reasons To Stop Using Social Media

  1. Social media saps your energy?
    Definitely not. I do not want to sound like a drama queen, but having experienced the most difficult period in my life during the last year, social tech has meant oxygen to me.
    For the first time in my career, I  have grown a valuable network of people outside my organisation and learnt loads of things, just talking to the right persons with the same interests and intrinsic motivation as me.
  2. You will be more creative when you quit social media?
    I guess that people losing their precious time in playing games, and placing their food adventures on social media, will be more creative  when they quit. To speak for myself: I have started blogging, I have finished a translation project through online channels and have learnt quite a lot of necessary things. My job performance has increased. But I don’t spend time just like that on social media. Except for my little sin: Wordfeud…
  3. Your ability to focus will be better?
    Yeah, right. How about all these people sitting at work and gazing at their laptops all day? Focus comes from within. With the right focus on your performance, there’s loads of right focus via social tech. Just because…
  4. Social media is an addiction and
  5. kills your patience
    Guess so. I’m eager to learn, curious about what peer professionals post. Working at my performance level. And my network. Just need some stamina to reach your goals or job performance level. And a good level of education…
  6. Social media doesn’t actually work as ‘media’ of advertising.
    We’re not living a fairytale, guys. We could be about creating great work or reaching a goal either way. Just try to establish something remarkable.  You can manage if you work hard, but isn’t that the same  in real life? Just keep touch with reality in your virtual work as well as in your offline activities.
  7. After you quit social media, your work ethic will be better?
    If your work ethic is impeccable in your work and private life, it will be okay in virtual life too, no doubt.
  8. You will have better posture?
    Matter of self-care…
  9. You will be smarter after you quit social media?
    Learn how to use social media in a proper way. Use it only to reach important life and work goals. Limit your online presence to peers and professionals, and people sharing their hobby knowhow. Dump the shit from your social profiles… And you will get smarter. Definitely.
  10. Quitting social media will unlock the door of your mental prison.
    The effectiveness of your social tech activities will determine the walls’ thickness of your mental prison. Learn how to use social tech in a proper way, work at a new digital mindset, focus on the right goals in life and work and integrate them in your social tech activities. Your stamina will help you. Just avoid senseless browsing, posting and messaging…

Social media has made me richer, but I take a digital detox from time to time. I limit my online time. And I am anxious to reach my job goals as well as my private goals.



First week, first steps in content design

hi everybody

It’s been an insightful week, this first week after a sick leave of too many months. My shoulder is recovering, but revalidation will still take a long time. Although I’m working hard at full recovery, my GP remains a bit skeptical…

Anyway, let me tell you about my work in progress last week.  I’m working on my content design skills, which have to be expanded urgently. That goes for our whole team. To be honest, I have been a course developer all my career, writing paper courses combined with my job as a VDAB-instructor. But last year I became a fulltime ecourse developer, which has brought a lot of new learning opportunities… and loads of frustration. Our newly organised team realised pretty soon there was a lot of learning to do and things worked out pretty chaotically at the beginning. Designing an online course is definitely not only about writing anymore. There’s much more to it. Thorough content designing e.g.. And storyboarding. And here’s the work in progress for me:

  •  I promised that I will have finished my first storyboard for a corporate online course by 17th August.
  • I’m giving a workshop on content design for my team members on 25th September.

So, after a hangoutmeeting with my colleague – spending her holidays in France – I decided to redo the course ‘Instructional Design: Storyboarding’ on LinkedInLearning, which I had already gone through earlier, but hadn’t studied yet. It’s a good basis, really. I would recommend it to everyone. As a matter of fact I’ll be using this for my workshop in September.

After working through this course the second time, I had the feeling I could start with my first storyboard, using this template.

Ex_Files_ISE_Storyboard (1)

It works, but needs evaluation… In the meantime I read some tips, which I got from my #WOL-friend Jen Deneckere, learning architect. First one is the fact that you should do storyboarding in twos and  second, take ample time for it because of the creative process. This project is a challenge if we have to put in creativity: Because it is only theory. Can I be honest? I’d never make this an online course. There must be other ways.

My colleague Jean-Marie and I have decided to combine the theory with a multiple choice quiz, to increase interaction. Because I know I learn like most people: There’s no real learning while reading. Not only reading, I mean. As an example I’m thinking of this LinkedIn-Learning course mentioned above.  The first time I just lay back and watched. And although I found the contents highly interesting, I only retained just a tiny bit of it. In fact I only remembered the template which I showed above.

If I want the retention rate of this corporate online training to be bigger than a tiny bit, we’ll have to put in more interactive things. Which takes lots of time… Anyway, I see progress, all the more because of my colleague’s experience with Articulate. Tomorrow we’re meeting and working at it. Let’s hope for the best.

How do you tackle a highly theoretical course? Let me know!